WNA Projects


Atlas Iron

Walker Newman and Associates have provided assistance to Atlas Iron including

  • WAN service upgrade design and planning (2011)
  • Turner River Hub DFS study – telecoms scoping and budgetary costs (2011)
  • Telstra fibre network access to Wodgina (2011-2012)
  • Horizon 1 project execution works (2012-2013)
    • Basis of Design for telecommunications
    • Development of scopes of work for shelters, power supplies, towers, microwave radio, two way radio
    • Microwave path profiles
    • Two way radio coverage predictions plus deployment standards
    • Day to day coordination of activities (embedded resource with Atlas)


BHP Iron Ore

Walker Newman and Associates have undertaken a number of projects for BHP Iron Ore.

  • Goldsworthy Main Line (GML) communications upgrade project
    • Definition Phase study (2010)
    • Execution works (2011-2013) including detailed design, procurement assistance, assembly of electronic systems, FAT, installation supervision and commissioning of systems including microwave, digital mux, P25 conventional radio, point to point telemetry for hot box detector system, point to multipoint telemetry for rail signalling, HV switchyard telemetry system.
  • Newman Terminal Mast Replacement (2011-2013)
    • Development of specifications and SOW for the project.
    • Planning, coordination and site supervision of the transfer of services from the old mast to the new tower.
  • Minor projects resource (rail projects) (2011-2013)
  • In Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) study (2011)
  • Technical writing resource for development of maintenance procedures (2012-2013)
  • Radio system selection and definition phase studies for MAC, NJV mines (Mt Whaleback, OB23, OB18), Yandi and Yarrie
  • Radio Fleetmapping standards for all sites


BHP Nickel West

Walker Newman and Associates have undertaken a number of minor works for BHPB Nickel West including:

  • MKO tailings decant telemetry system radio path analysis (2013)
  • MKO village telemetry system expansion design (2011)
  • Cliffs project telecommunications design and project supervision (2010-2011)
  • MKO South Lakeway borefield telemetry design and project supervision (2010)
  • MKO and LNO borefield telemetry system study (2010)


Calibre – BHP Billiton Iron Ore

The following work has been undertaken by WNA staff embedded within Calibre.

  • RGP5 transmission systems design
  • RGP5 microwave system design
  • RGP5 external fibre design
  • Commissioning and cutover planning for RGP5


GR Engineering Services

Working under subcontract to GR Engineering Services, Walker Newman and Associates undertook preliminary feasibility studies for telecommunications infrastructure and services for the development of:

  • Woodlark Island gold resource in PNG (2012)
  • Mutiny Gold (2012)
  • Roseby Copper Project (2012)
  • Sulphur Springs (2012)

This work covered satellite communications, WAN and LAN systems, IT infrastructure, desktop environment, microwave links, communications towers and shelters, two way radio systems, telemetry systems, village communications and entertainment systems, power supplies.

I&E Systems

Walker Newman and Associates undertook the detailed design, configuration and test of LAN network equipment for the FMG Christmas Creek stockyard control system under subcontract to I&E Systems (2010).


Walker Newman and Associates have provided telecommunications studies, design and project engineering services for Lycopodium. This has included external works and provision of embedded engineers in to the Lycopodium team. The works have included:

  • Anglogold/Independence Group Tropicana project (2011-2013)
  • Arafura Resources Nolan project (2010)
  • Chalice Gold Zara project (Eritrea) (2010)
  • Sundance Resources Mbalam project (Congo/Cameroon) (2010)
  • Newmont Akyem project (Ghana) (2010-2011)
  • Esaase Gold project Ghana
  • Banfora Gold project Burkina Faso


Newmont Mining

Walker Newman and Associates have provided assistance to Newmont for a number of minor projects including:

  • Wireless coverage study for Jundee (2012)
  • Internet services to Boddington village rooms (2013)
  • Voice and data communications options for Tanami operations projects (2012)
  • CCTV centralisation
  • VSAT communications RFP for PNG and Solomon Island (2010)


Oz Minerals (Oxiana) Prominent Hill Project (Fluor)

Walker Newman and Associates managed all aspects of the communications infrastructure and services to support the construction and ongoing operations of Oz Minerals Prominent Hill mine in central South Australia (2007-2010).

Rio Tinto

Walker Newman and Associates have undertaken a range of work for Rio Tinto. We have provided assistance to RT, generally as part of a wider multi-disciplinary/multi-organisation team, for:

  • Embedded project management and project engineering resources in to IS&T PMO (2007-2013)
  • Contract Management Supervisors (2011)
  • RT Exploration (global) WAN services review (2010)
  • RFP process for global VSAT services (2009)
  • Satellite backup communications system for Pilbara Iron sites (2007-2010)


Sinclair Knight Merz – Rio Tinto Cape Lambert Expansion

Walker Newman and Associates have provided resources in to the SKM team undertaking the project engineering of the Cape Lambert expansion (2011-2013). We have also undertaken the detailed design of the voice mobile radio upgrade which is associated with these works.

Xstrata (formerly Jubilee Mines) – Sinclair Project

Walker Newman and Associates undertook the design, procurement management, project management and site supervision tasks related to all of the communications infrastructure and services (excepting IT) for the Xstrata Sinclair mine and camp.

Western Areas Limited

Walker Newman and Associates commenced with Western Areas in 2004 at the Bankable Feasibility stage and have been an ongoing part of the support team.  WNA initially assisted in the EPCM activities associated with communications and IT for Cosmic Boy  Accommodation Village & Administration complex and managed subsequent Telecommunications infrastructure developments at Flying Fox & Spotted Quoll mines, Cosmic Boy Concentrator and subsequent exploration and development at the Cosmos operation.  We partially resource the IT function and continue to grow and manage the overall Telecommunications and IT services in response to business demand.