WNA Projects

Oil & Gas

BHP Billiton Petroleum

Walker Newman and Associates have undertaken a number of small projects for BHPB Petroleum since 1998 including:

  • Stybarrow FPSO: Review of microwave system upgrade options. (2013).
  • Macedon to DBP telemetry study. (2009)
  • Completion of Telstra site access documentation as required under Facilities Access Agreements for Stybarrow and Pyrenees microwave system installations at Cape Range.
  • Pyrenees FPSO LAN/WAN design. (2008)
  • Feasibility study on microwave path for Stybarrow (2005).
  • Buffalo: Satellite communications design, entertainment system design and, WAN/LAN and PBX design. (1998-2000).
  • Griffin Venture: Iterra system implementation design, entertainment system upgrade, Cat 5 cabling installation and UHF radio upgrade (1998-2006).
  • Macedon Cel-Fi indoor/outdoor cell extender installation (2016).

Chevron ABU

Walker Newman and Associates have undertaken a number of small projects for Chevron ABU since 2004. These have included:

  • Wireless Mesh coverage study. (2013)
  • WAN service review for north west assets. (2012)
  • Options review for the upgrade of telemetry for the Pump Off Controller (POC) SCADA network on Barrow Island (2009 & 2012).
  • Design and technical support for an upgrade of Thevenard Island communications including telemetry and two way radio systems (2010).
  • Public mobile carrier services review (2009).

Chevron Jansz IO

• Feasibility/options study for fibre optic transmission systems. (2019).
• Proof of Concept testing of fibre optic transmission system. (2019).


Chevron Gorgon Project – KJV

Walker Newman and Associates provided 3-5 resources at any one time in a multi-consultant team undertaking works for KJV between 2007 & 2016.


Chevron Wheatstone Project

Walker Newman and Associates assisted Chevron with several projects associated with Wheatstone including;

  • Social infrastructure works at Onslow
    • Radio coverage predictions and system design (2012).
    • LNG plant – Onslow – DBP fibre optic cable: preliminary study and budget costing (2012).
    • Onslow camp IT & Telecommunications infrastructure budget and scope of works development (2012/13).
  • Development of strategy and tender documentation for upstream telecommunications maintenance.
  • Provision of five resources into the upstream telecommunications hookup & commissioning communications team (2015/2016).


GDF Suez – Bonaparte FLNG

Walker Newman and Associates assisted GDF Suez with pre-FEED telecommunications work including;

  • Subsea fibre optic cable feasibility (2012).
  • VSAT (2012).
  • LAN/WAN conceptual arrangements (2013).
  • Licensing and regulatory requirements (2013).


Inpex Ichthys Project

Walker Newman and Associates have undertaken the various works for Inpex since 2008, including:

  • Options review of offshore to onshore communications (in joint venture with another Perth based telecoms consultant).
  • Planning for public carrier infrastructure and service access to the Darwin Bladin Point site, and subsequent assistance in the Enterprise Works Agreement (EWA) process.
  • Assistance with the ITT process for subsea fibre optic services for the Ichthys CPF.
  • Development of strategy and tender documentation for telecommunications maintenance.
  • Preparation of telecommunications maintenance work instructions.
  • Engineering and implementation of temporary communications for ASV’s supporting offshore hookup and commissioning activities (2016/17).
  • Intermod Studies (CPF & FPSO) (2016/17).
  • Radhaz Studies (CPF & FPSO) (2016/17).
  • Ignition Source Study (2016/17).
  • Backup & Restoration Strategy (2017).
  • Embedded resources in to Telecoms Team (ongoing).

Quadrant Energy / Santos

  • Feasibility study and budget estimate for microwave radio system for the Ningaloo Vision FPSO (2017).
  • Procurement, installation and commissioning of microwave radio system for Ningaloo Vision FPSO (2018/19).
  • Telecommunications maintenance prime contractor (since 2018).
  • AIS/AtoN installation and commissioning, (Reindeer & John Brookes) (2019).
  • VSAT system upgrades (iDirect to Comtech changes) (2019).
  • Fibre optic termination & testing. New and remedial works. Multiple activities across several assets. (2018/19).


Shell Prelude Project

Walker, Newman and Associates have assisted Shell with;

  • Development of maintenance work instructions for telecommunications systems (2015/2016).
  • Review of End Of Life / Vendor Support Date (EOL/VSD) items (2016).
  • Prime contractor role for communications maintenance on the Prelude facility (since 2017).
  • Procurement of telecommunications spares and consumables (since 2017).


Upstream Production Solutions

Prime Contractor role for communications maintenance on the Northern Endeavour FPSO (since 2016).


Walker Newman and Associates have undertaken a number of projects for or on behalf of Woodside since 1996 including:

  • Telecoms systems design, vendor management, hookup & commissioning for the Northern Endeavour (1996-1999).
  • Microwave radio and entertainment system design for the Nganhurra FPSO (2003-2005).
  • Project superintendent role as part of the Woodside Pluto Project team, ensuring that the various work done by FWWP, EoS, WEL-IT, major suppliers and other parties were aligned and on track. (2007-2011).
  • Design and site supervision works associated with the Vincent FPSO upgrade project (2012/2013.
  • Vendor supervision and commissioning assistance for the NR2 project.
  • Development of specifications and scopes of work related to the KGP radio upgrade project.
  • Development of Telecomms Standards and data sheets.
  • Development of SCE performance standard and asssociated maintenance assurance tasks for KGP telecommunications.
  • Provision of resources for minor project engineering and campaign maintenance (since 2014).
  • Ngujima-Yin FPSO microwave system procurement, installation and commissioning (2018/19).